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What Is The Law Of Attraction?

What Is The Law Of Attraction

We expect life to be full of an overwhelming amount of joy and happiness. With this in mind, we need to ask ourselves,” what is the law of attraction”?

We all dream about a future where all our most overwhelming desires become reality. It is our God-given right to live the life we dream about. But our negative thoughts limit us in achieving these God-given rights that we dream about constantly.

Where we should be living a life of abundance, we end up struggling through the daily grind that our lives have become. We seem to struggle just to hang on to what we already have in life while we just can’t seem to get to where we want to be in life.

And since we train our unconscious mind to believe that we are destined to live the life that we struggle in, we end up being trapped in a state where our negative thoughts become our reality. We end up moving away from the source of life and then we find ourselves doing many things that we hate to do.

We end up asking ourselves why our life does not head down the path we want it to. Also, we wonder why do our dreams never seem to come true. Or why are you not getting what you want out of life?

There is a philosophy of spirituality called the law of attraction that can answer all these questions for you.

We are not talking about any law of physics here, we are talking about spiritual law. And believe me, it is real.

And once you learn how you can use this law and bring it into your daily life, you will able to tap into the power of the universe and attract anything you want. Changing your life forever.


Understanding the Mechanism of Manifestation

There are forces of attraction all around us. Take the atom for instance. It is the fundamental unit of all matters. But you’ll see that they bond to form molecules.

Then what happens is that the molecules end up attracting each other through intermolecular force which in turn crates matters.

If you look farther into the secrets of atoms, you’ll discover that within the atom itself there are electrons. And these electrons are always moving around the nucleus in orbits. Just like the planets move around the sun.

All these forces are the same. We’re talking about the force that makes an electron move around the nucleus as well as the force that has the planets move around the sun.

You can add into the equation the force that makes objects fall down to earth. Some may call this gravity but you can also call it the force of attraction.

All matter consists of magnetic properties. This is the reason why one terrestrial body will attract another just like molecules attract each other.

Our mind is no different than all different matters. It possesses powerful magnetic properties. Ever wonder why people who are liked minded become friends? Or people who have a growth concept mind become wealthier? Or why people who always believe they are going to fail to end up defeated?

It’s because the very first principle of the law of attraction is this: “like thoughts attract like incidents”. Or in layman terms: “like attracts likes”.

What this means is that whatever you are thinking you are actually attracting to it.

The law of attraction never takes a break. It is always in action whether you realize this or not. You are always programming your own reality with your thoughts.

Let’s take debt for an example. People who are in debt are constantly thinking that they do not want to get more debt. So what they are actually doing is creating more debt because they are focusing their thoughts on what they don’t want.

So you may be wondering if our thoughts truly become things then why do our hopes and dreams never come true. The answer to this is what we call the principle of vibration.

What this principle is about is that in this universe, everything is constantly in motion and vibration. And that the whole universe is vibrating energy transforming from one form to another.

Now matters are different due to the fact that they vibrate at different frequencies. What you need to realize is that everything in the universe is connected through energy. And this is referred to as quantum entanglement.

And our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are no different. They are a form of energy that creates cosmic waves that travel through time and space.

Once the vibrations of our thoughts match the vibration of things then they will end up manifesting themselves into our lives.

What you need to be aware of is that our human mind is more attracted to negative things than to positive things. In our subconscious, we will focus more on these negative thoughts which will end up giving us a negative reality.

We all want to succeed but we all seem to focus on our failures. since every one of us is afraid of defeat, our subconscious mind will automatically go to work trying to avoid whatever the failure is instead of concentrating on pursuing success.

By constantly thinking about or failures, we are actually reinforcing them and soon they become our reality.

So, with this in mind, we must remember that if a negative thought brings us a negative reality, a positive thought will bring us a positive reality. And believe it or not, positive thoughts are much stronger than negative thoughts.

Keeping this in mind, you’ll want to reverse the thoughts in your mind. You’ll have to program your vibration and raise it to match the frequency of what you desire.

Manifestation is supposed to occur naturally. But the reality is that it takes some time. This is due to all the negative thoughts we have stored in our subconscious. And it will take time for most people to learn how to reprogram their brain to transmit the right vibrations.


Wrap Up

You have everything you need to live the life of your dreams. All you need to do is to have faith in yourself and work hard towards your goals. If you do this the universe will work miracles for you.

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What started out as something I was skeptical about has turned into a mission of mine to share what I learn about the law of attraction. My new mission is to share my research with others who are interested in this topic in the hopes that I will be able to help them understand the power of this.

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