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Relaxation And Manifestation

Relaxation And Manifestation

To Understand relaxation and manifestation try to imagine your mind is like a body of water and that your thoughts are what is making the water into waves.

You know that when the wind is not blowing, there are no waves or ripples in the water. And picture that the water is so clear that you can see all the different fish swimming below the surface.

But when the water has waves in it and it is kicking up the sentiment from the bottom making the water murky you’d be lucky to see your own reflection.

A mind that is in an agitated state is like wavy water. and you’ll never be able to attract your dreams when your mind is agitated and full of too many thoughts. You must bring calmness to your mind in order to make the law of attraction work for you.

Try this exercise to get your mind in the right place so you can succeed with manifestation.

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using relaxation for manifestation


Relaxing Into Meditation

To get to relaxation and manifestation first start by finding a place free of interruptions and either lay down or sit down in a comfortable position.

Set aside at least 15 to 25 minutes to do this exercise. Make sure you have comfortable clothes and be sure to remove your shoes.

Once you are ready start by taking a deep breath. Hold that breath for 5 seconds then exhale slowly. Do this again and concentrate on how your body expands with each breath. Then as you breathe out concentrate on how your body contracts. Make sure you breathe naturally while doing this.

Once in this relaxed meditation make sure you are paying attention to all areas of your body. You’ll start to feel a tranquil feeling as you enter into this deep relaxing state.

Next, you’ll want to close your eyes and start breathing naturally. Start to relax your body from your toes up to your head.


Relaxation And Manifestation – Starting With Your Feet

Let’s begin with your feet. How do your feet feel? Do they feel hot or cold? Are you feeling any other type of sensations in them? Whatever you are feeling in your feet allow then to start to relax with each breathe you take.

Now start to move up to your ankles. Concentrate on relaxing your ankles as you continue to breathe calmly.

It’s now time to start to concentrate on your calves and knees. Are you having any feelings in either of these areas? Start to focus your breathing on these areas. Allow your calves to get totally relaxed. Don’t try and force it. Let your body naturally relax your calves.


Knees And Hamstrings

Begin to focus on your knees. Breathe into this area and feel the sensation. If you don’t feel anything in this area don’t worry. It’s alright not to feel anything. Just make sure you are concentrating on relaxing your knees. Spend around 10 to 15 seconds relaxing them.

Now you’ll start to concentrate on your hamstrings. If they have contact with the floor, feel this in your thoughts. Send your breath to them and allow them to become totally relaxed.


Thighs And Buttocks And Midsection

Let’s now focus on your thighs. Do you feel anything there? If you do make sure to concentrate on this feeling. With every exhale you have let your thighs loosen up.

Now focus on your buttocks. Your buttocks muscles start to contract when you’re feeling stressed. Send your calming breaths down to this area and exhale.

Start to concentrate on your pelvic region. Keep whatever sensation you feel in this area and allow your body to start to relax. Always remember that when you are sending attention to any part of your body, your body tells that area to start to relax.

Begin to focus on your belly. Our bellies are a very vital organ. They respond to our emotions in various ways. Feel the sensation in your belly and let your calm breathing begin to relax it.


Relaxation And Manifestation – Back And Chest

It’s now time that you focus your attention on your lower back. Breathe into it while allowing it to relax. Spend 15 to 20 seconds on this area.

Begin to feel your chest. Feel it expand as you breathe in and feel how it contracts while breathing out. As you relax in this area imagine it feeling like ice melting into water.

Start concentrating on your upper back. Focus on the muscles of the spine and your shoulder blades. Relax while breathing into this area.


Hands And Arms

Now focus all your thought on your hands. Begin focusing on your palms and fingers. Then move up to your wrists, elbows, and forearms. Spend around 15 seconds on your fingers and palms and about 10 seconds on your forearms. Then do the same for your upper arm.

Start to concentrate on your elbows, biceps, triceps, and armpits. Breathe slowly into these areas while allowing these muscles to relax.


Shoulders And Head

Bring awareness to your shoulder area. Breathe slowly while feeling the tips of your shoulders. Now move to your throat. Allow it to relax with each inhales and exhales.

Concentrate on your face. Your face is the mirror of your mind. It projects all your emotions. Your face has 42 muscles in it. When they are being used they create hundreds of different expressions.

Focus on your face. Feel the tension slip away from your chin, jaw, lips, and mouth area. Continue concentrating on this area for 10 seconds.

Now concentrate on your nose. Feel the sensation in it as you breathe. Focus your attention on the tip of your nose.

Next, breathe into your cheeks. Allow your cheeks to soften as you calmly breathe into this area. Feel your ears. Concentrate on the soothing sound of your breathing.


Relaxation And Manifestation – Eyes And Scalp

Begin to concentrate on your eyes. Feel your eyelids gently resting on top of them.

Bring your next thoughts up to your scalp. Feel your hair follicles as your breath. Now concentrate on your brain. Feel it relax as you continue to breathe calmly.

At this point, your whole body should be in a relaxed state. Feel it from head to toe.


Wrap up

Relax! You Just Won the Manifestation Game!

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