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Power Of Affirmations

Power Of Affirmations

The power of affirmations is a fantastic way to get our subconscious mind to believe in all our unlimited potentials. It’s an awesome psychological technique that helps to reprogram our brains in a very positive manner. It also helps to keep all those negative thoughts from creeping into our minds.

Practicing affirmations is when you are using words to either eliminate something that you don’t want in your life or when you are trying to create something new in your life.

When you are saying the words of affirmation, you are envisioning what your transformed self will look like. Thousands of people around the world have made positive changes in their life due to transformations.


Power Of Affirmations – How Do They Work?

When we are using affirmations we are commanding our subconscious mind to overcome mental as well as physical problems that we think are insurmountable. When you are practicing the art of positive affirmation you are repeating your positive statements over and over again.

As we are repeating the positive statements our brain goes to work creating new neural pathways and also starts to strengthen these pathways. The power of these positive statements begins to make our brain start believing in these statements. This then starts the path to manifesting our lives towards these desires.


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Power Of Affirmations – The Methods of Using Affirmations

There are many different ways of using affirmations. These include the writing them down method, the method of saying them out loud, thinking of them in your head, recording them, and then listening to the recording as well as having another person say them to you.

Writing Them Down

Writing your affirmations down is the most common method. Most people say they like this method due to the fact that it can be done quietly and in the comfort of their own home without disturbing anyone else. Which makes sense because affirmations should be done in a peaceful setting.

Write down anywhere from 5 to 10 affirmations per session. Or you can type them down somewhere on your computer if this works better for you.

Saying Them Out Loud

Another favorite is saying your affirmation out loud. This is a close second to writing the affirmation down. This method works best if you are looking at yourself in a mirror while saying it. Make sure you say your affirmation with conviction.

Be sure to speak in a slow, clear voice. This way your mind can totally understand the message you’re sending it. Pretend you are saying your affirmation to a family member or close friend. Be calm, and loving.

Recording Them

Recording your affirmations is another great way of doing them. lay down in a quiet area and play your recorded statement while falling asleep.

Think Them

If saying your affirmation makes you uncomfortable, you can record them on any type of recording device and play them back to yourself. The advantage of using this technique is that you can playback your affirmation at anytime you want to. Use the power of visualization as you record them.

Have Someone Say Them To You

You can also have a family member or close friend say your affirmations to you. Make sure they say “you” not I when saying them to you. For example, your affirmation is ” I am a success” They would say “you are a success”.


Power Of Affirmations – Repeating The Positive Statements

By constantly repeating positive affirmations you will be relaxing as you slowly get rid of all the negative thoughts that have crept into your mind and toss them back where they came from.

When you are repeating these positive statements go ahead and imagine that you are taking your bad thoughts and throwing them into a river where they will slowly drift away forever.

Below is a list of some positive affirmations to get you off and running.

  • I’m doing my life’s work
  • Complete faith in my abilities is something I have
  • My life is full of love
  • Positive changes in my life are coming soon
  • Prosperity and affluence is something I deserve
  • My life is rich in many areas
  • I am proud of my body
  • Conquering challenges is no problem for me
  • I’m happy with everything in my life
  • I ignore negative influences
  • Nothing that life throws at me is impossible for me to handle
  • I am proud of who I am


Wrap Up

When you practice affirmations every day, you’ll be reminding yourself of how important they are to you. This will help you stay focused and motivated. It will also help you reach your life goals a lot faster.


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