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Law Of Attraction For Relationships

Law Of Attraction For Relationships

Using the law of attraction for relationships is something many people want to know. Since humans thrive on social connections, attracting intimacy and emotional bonds with other humans is very important.

The relationships we have form a bond of positive support and emotions. Which in turn is vital to our total satisfaction in our lives. There has been researching that shows that having strong relationships increases our odds of survival by 50%. This is due to our evolutionary perspective that being isolated could threaten our very survival.

Having meaningful relationships is directly related to our overall happiness. If you find yourself in an unhappy relationship or you are looking to make your ho-hum relationship a great one, the law of attraction for relationships is here to help.


Law Of Attraction For Relationships – Deep Questions To Ask Yourself

Having a loving, healthy, and happy relationship is a fantastic thing. To use the law of attraction to meet your relationship goals you must first understand yourself.

Get yourself some alone time and ask yourself some tough questions. Ask yourself what makes you feel good. What’s the most important aspect of your life, family, or career? Who inspires you and who makes you feel down. Are there responsibilities that you are avoiding?

Finding the answers to these questions will help you to identify what areas of your life need to be improved upon.

Dig down inside yourself and ask yourself if you love doing the things you do. Do you give yourself the respect and love you deserve? If you answered no to any of the questions above then you definitely need to work on self-love. If you respect and love yourself and what you do then others will follow suit and feel the same way about you.

Do you enjoy alone time? If you don’t enjoy doing things alone or just relaxing by yourself then you shouldn’t expect others to enjoy your company either.

People who do not respect or love themselves develop a very negative outlook on their lives. They begin to think that they don’t deserve other people’s respect or love.

Since they have no respect or love for themselves they actually stop others from ever caring or showing love towards them. This causes relationships to fall apart and blocks them from ever finding the right partner.

They feel that they are alone and these feelings will actually manifest into them staying alone.


Law Of Attraction For Relationships – Self-care vs. Putting Yourself Last 

Even though many people have different ideas of what self-care is all about, in a nutshell, it’s all about taking care of your health, happiness, and needs yourself.

If we are always putting other people’s needs in front of our own we stand the chance of lowering our own self-esteem. On the other hand, when you are in a relationship it’s not a bad idea to put the needs of your partner ahead of your own.

Just be sure not to put their needs in front of yours all the time. This will in effect lead to your needs being put last with others. So be careful not to neglect yourself.


Law Of Attraction For Relationships – The Importance of Gratitude

It’s amazing that all we need to do sometimes to save a troubled relationship is to show a little gratitude. I mean think about it, how often do we let the people that we care about the most know how we are really, truly, grateful for them.

When you feel the appreciation you have for your partner you’ll begin to discover new positive qualities in them, which in turn will boost your relationship with them.

Showing gratitude is one of the key tools towards manifesting love into your life.

Start making a list of the qualities that you really like in your partner, and begin feeling grateful that they bring those qualities into your life. Don’t forget to make a list of your positive qualities and be sure you feel grateful for having those qualities.

If you start to feel lost in your relationship, think back to the qualities that brought you together with your partner. Think about some of your favorite memories you shared with them and write them down.

Be sure that while you are doing this exercise to block out any of the negative things that have happened in your relationship. Don’t forget that by remembering negative aspects of your relationship you are subconsciously asking the universe to add more negativity into your relationship.

But If you remember the positive aspects of your relationship the universe will allow you to feel much more gratitude in your life.


Manifesting Your Soulmate 

Try this exercise: Get yourself into a comfortable position, either by sitting or laying down. Begin to take deep breathes. When you exhale use the power of affirmations by saying “relax”. Now allow your mind, body, and your heart to slowly begin to relax. Now close your eyes.

At this point, you now need to visualize yourself on the perfect date. You’re at total peace with yourself and the person you’re on your date with. Using the power of visualization picture yourself having a great time with this person. Be sure to picture your partner vividly and that you are presenting the best of yourself.

You can actually feel the touch in this state and you’re able to smell everything around you in this state. Allow all the positive thoughts and energy to surge into your body. Imagine this happy moment with your partner and stay with this for a few minutes. Now take a few more deep breathes and slowly open your eyes.


Wrap Up

You are in total control of your love life. Manifesting love is as easy as manifesting any other aspect of your life. But remember that the road to true love can be long and bumpy. Just make sure to believe in yourself and the universe will show you the path to the fulfillment of true love.

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using the law of attraction for relationships


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