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Law Of Attraction For Kids

Law Of Attraction For Kids

Knowing what I know now about the law of attraction really makes me wish there was more about the law of attraction for kids when I was a little kid.

I see how it has influenced the way I live and how my life has changed for the better just within the last couple of years that I have been researching and practicing it.

So if you have a young child and want to teach them about the law of attraction I salute you. You’ll be starting your child down a great path early in their life. This path will help them in everything that they decide to do in life.

With that being said, you may be wondering how to teach the law of attraction to kids. Well, below I have listed 10 things that you should tell or do with your child to lead them down the right path.


Law Of Attraction For Kids – Let Them Know Anything Is Possible


Just because you believe that anything in life is possible doesn’t mean that you can reach your goals without putting in some effort. If you can truly embed this belief into your mind it’ll be easier to quiet that inner voice that tells you that you can’t.

You can help your children harness the power of this by doing this:

  1. Let them know that you believe in them beyond a shadow of a doubt. Tell them that they have the abilities to do whatever they want.
  2. Sit them down and tell them some personal stories about how you believed in something and that by believing in it, it came true.
  3. Make plans with them to find out what their goals are. Sit down in a quiet area with no distractions and make a list of what they want to do in life.


Make A Vision Board With Them

A vision board can be a great tool to use to get your child concentrating on what important goals they want to achieve,

A vision board is a great visual tool. You can put magazine clippings, law of attraction quotes, newspaper headlines or write your own affirmations on a notepad and stick it on the board. The skies the limit.

Here’s what you’ll want to do. Go and purchase an awesome vision board. Have some magazines or some other literature around that your child is interested in.

Go through different articles that your child shows interest in. Have them (not you) pick the topics that interest them.

Place these topics on their vision board. Have them add a couple per week. Ask them why they picked these topics and let them know that they can achieve whatever the topic is as long as they believe they can.


Come To Terms With Their Uniqueness

When it comes to being unique, we all can agree that it’s the one thing that all of us have in common. Being unique is one of the greatest gifts the universe has given us.

While you are teaching this to your child focus on how important and how all of us need to be unique to make our dreams come true.

Here are a few pointers to give them:

  1. Let them know that if they identify themselves differently than how you do that it’s totally fine. Again it’s their uniqueness that is important here.
  2. Understanding that some of their “weird” habits are just fine. We all have our own “quirks”. Let them know that theirs are just fine and they should embrace them.
  3. Have them express themselves through drawing or role play. This is a great way for them to show their creative side.


Play The ABC Game

This is an awesome game that you can play with your child/children. Start off with the letter A. Choose a word that is very positive. Something along the line of “awesome” or maybe “accomplishment”. You get the hint. Ask them what they think about that word. Then ask them why that word would be important in their lives.

Repeat this for every letter of the alphabet. Just make sure to make sure every word you chose is positive. No negative vibes allowed.


Law Of Attraction For Kids – Get Them Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Getting children out of their comfort zones can be a little stressful. Not only for the child but for the parent as well.

It is important for them to learn that doing things that make them feel a little uncomfortable actually can be fun. The law of attraction is all about facing challenges and refusing to give in to negative feelings.

Try doing a few of these things to get your child out of their comfort zone.

  1. Have them join a social group or sign them up for a sport.
  2. Show them that you can also step out of your comfort zone. Do something that they know you’re not a huge fan of and do it.
  3. Teach them that in order to reach their goals, sometimes they will have to do things that they don’t want to do.


Show Them Manifestations As They Occur

Showing your child manifestations as they occur can be an enjoyable exercise for both of you. This will also show your child that by thinking of something it can come true.

For example. Let’s say you’re driving down a back road and you’re talking about dogs. As you’re talking about dogs you pass a house where there is a dog in a yard. You can say to your child ” see, we were just talking about dogs, and look, there is one right there.”

This will show your child that the power of thought is real.


Stay Positive

One of the key components of the law of attraction is staying positive. Children need to realize this. Teach them by staying positive good things will follow.

Try this exercise right before bedtime. When they are in bed, have them tell you all the positive things that happened during the day. This will reinforce those positive acts into thoughts. Your child will then fall asleep with positive thoughts dancing around in their heads.


Let Them Be Themselves

It is important that your child understands that who they are is a very special gift. They should not let social media or television tell them who they should be.

Explain to them that companies advertise to try and make money off their products. Let them know that they shouldn’t change who they are so these companies can make a few bucks off them.

Again, a vision board is great for letting them see who they are. Have them place pictures or headlines of things that they like and what they want to become later in life.


Law Of Attraction For Kids – Showing Gratitude

Gratitude is another very important trait to have in order to master the law of attraction. It’s important that children learn that being grateful for what we have will attract other great things to come to us.

Teaching your child to say thank you at an early age is a great start to teaching them gratitude.

Try and pick a time during the day where you can sit down with your child and discuss everything that they were thankful for during the day. This exercise is another great way of having them learn gratitude.


Their Imagination

Since kids already have vibrant imaginations, showing them how thinking big is great for the law of attraction is easy.

Let your child know that thinking big is a great thing. They need to know that anything in life is possible. They need to realize that their imagination is a great part of who they are and that they should embrace it.

For example, if your child tells you that they talk to their stuffed animal, go along with it. Pretend like you are talking to the animal also and that its great that you both have a new friend.


Wrap Up

Teaching your child the law of attraction will be an important lesson that every child should learn. This will get them on a positive path to their life journey.

Try and do one of the above tasks daily with them. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they catch on and how dramatically it will shape their lives.




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