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Law Of Attraction For Health

Law Of Attraction For Health

Using the law of attraction for health is a powerful way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish health-wise. If you’re looking to lose weight, overcome a chronic health issue, or get yourself in the shape you want to be in. The law of attraction can help with all of these.

Below are some steps you can take to use the law of attraction for health.


Set Your Goals

The first mistake many people make when trying to use the law of attraction for health is that they make their goal a common statement. What I mean by this is that they will make a statement like ” I want to eat more healthy food”.

Your health goal should be something that is very motivating to you. Once you set a motivating health goal you’ll have an easier time getting to where you want to be health-wise.

Be sure to make your health goals acheiveable. As an example, don’t use “getting in shape” as your goal. Use a statement like ” I’m going to join a health club and work out 3 times a week for the next 6 months”.

Schedule Your Goals

Make a schedule where you set benchmark goals and check them off when you reach them. This could be along the lines of losing 10 pounds the first month. When you reach each benchmark goal be sure to reward yourself with something you really enjoy.

Don’t make your goals totally unrealistic. Work toward them with baby steps. If you overdo it you’ll more than likely lose your motivation and end up quitting.

A vision board is a fantastic tool you can use to add some extra motivation to your goals. A vision board can be a poster board that you set up pictures or motivational sayings on.

You may want to add some pictures of people you admire on your board. For instance, maybe there is a celebrity that you really like the way they look and you want to look like them. Adding their picture to your vision board would help.

Place your vision board in a spot where you’ll see it every day. Be sure to look at it for at least 5 minutes a day.

If you don’t have the materials handy to create a vision board you can always purchase one. The one I found that has the best reviews could be found here.


Visualization and Affirmations

Using the power of visualization is a vital part of using the law of attraction for health. Using the art of visualization in the form of meditation will bring in forces of energy to help you reach your health goals.

Try this exercise below to learn how to use visualization.

Find a quiet place and sit there for several minutes. Then close your eyes slowly and start to take some deep breaths. Breathing deeply helps to soothe the mind. Now imagine that you are at your favorite movie theater. Imagine that you are activating the screen by pushing a button that is on your armrest.

Now the movie is starting to begin. You are the star of the movie. Really concentrate on all the details even the small ones.

Next, you’ll push the button again and this allows you to physically enter into the movie. Stand up off the chair and start walking into the movie.

Or try this if your goal is to stop eating junk food and begin eating healthy. Start to visualize a scenario that makes you crave junk food. Imagine you’re at home and every kind of junk food you love is on a table sitting in front of you.

Allow your cravings to come forth. Next, imagine you push all the foods to the side and begin to eat a healthy salad. Try to really smell every aspect that you can and feel the coolness of the lettuce as your eating the salad.

Feel your body getting healthier with each bite and all the bad calories from the junk food leaving your body.


Using Affirmations

Affirmations are when you constantly repeat something that you want to be true about yourself. The power of affirmations can help you reach any desired goal.

Use this exercise below to use affirmations in reaching your health goals.

Go stand in front of a mirror. You’re looking exactly how you invision you want to look. You look good and are at the weight you want to be at. Start to repeat these affirmations as you look into the mirror:

  • I am happy with myself
  • Positive changes are easy for me to make
  • My mind and body are sound
  • Pushing pain away is easy for me
  • Each day I am getting closer to the healthy lifestyle I want
  • I’ll stop eating foods that I know are bad for my health
  • I can picture my perfect body and will take the steps needed to reach that goal


Wrap Up

If you truly want to use the power of attraction for health, then make sure you spend time thinking about the healthy choices you need to make and less time on the unhealthy choices you are currently making. The law of attraction works through your thoughts and can be used for not just health but for attracting your dream partner also.


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Using the law of attraction for your health




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