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Let It R.A.I.N.

R.A.I.N. is an acronym developed by Michelle McDonald but adapted a bit by me, to summarize a powerful way to expand self-awareness. The post Let It R.A.I.N. appeared first on Dr. Rick Hanson. If you’re tired of feeling stuck, this…

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Love Freely

Love is in our nature, woven into our DNA. Love is a natural wellspring inside us all. It doesn't need to be pushed or pumped. It needs to be released. The post Love Freely appeared first on Dr. Rick Hanson.…

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Cultivate Goodwill

Ill will creates negative qualities, whereas goodwill creates positive qualities. As a social and loving species on the planet, we have the wonderful ability and inclination to connect with others, be empathic. But we are also aggressive. The post Cultivate…

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