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Developing A Powerful Vision Board

Developing A Powerful Vision Board

Developing a powerful vision board is an important step in understanding the law of attraction. If you have even a basic knowledge of the law of attraction then you know that your thoughts become things.

Your thoughts are what attracts all things that come into your life. But for these thoughts to end up being a reality, you must think of something subconsciously and consciously over and over again.

You must truly believe in what your thinking, not just think about it casually. And when you practice using visualization you will learn to develop that belief. By developing a powerful vision board will help you to take your visualization practices beyond just thoughts in your head.

What a vision board will do for you is this. It can take the images that represent your desired goals, along with quotes that inspire you and also the affirmations that keep you focused and compile them all into a ton of dreams.

A vision board is an amazing tool that will motivate you into reaching your desired goals. Read below to learn how to create an empowering vision board.

Developing A Powerful Vision Board / Dream Board

Everyone has their own way of creating a vision board. There really is no right or wrong way. There are places where you can buy vision boards but making your own personal one out of poster-board or any other material is a great idea.

If you’d like to try a digital vision board you could always download one on your computer. You could even go as far as creating one out of magnets and placing them on your refrigerator door. The possibilities are endless.

Start With Planning

Start by spending time thinking about what goals you are looking to accomplish and how you think you want your vision board to look like. Try by picking any future goal you may have. This could be along the lines of health, relationships, social life, finances, or personal growth.

When you pick the goal you want to accomplish, go ahead and envision what you want each area of your board to look like. You could either make one big board or break everything up into smaller boards. Again the choice is yours.

Placing your vision board in a spot where you go frequently is key. The last thing you want to do is place it somewhere you hardly go to. A good place to put it is in your bedroom. This way you can see it every day and you’ll be able to visualize your goals regularly.

Developing A Powerful Vision Board-The Small Ritual You Should Follow

You should follow this ritual when you are crafting your vision board. Make sure you set aside a couple of stress-free hours to put your board together. Just be sure that you are not disturbed while doing this.

Put on some music that soothes you or burn a candle to create a relaxing atmosphere.

If for some reason negative thoughts start entering your mind, take some deep breathes and push them out. Brain waves and manifestation is a real thing. So getting control of these thoughts is very important.

Once you’re in total control of your thoughts, start placing your stuff on your board.

Putting the Board Together

You can find items to put on your board by going through old magazines. Cut out pictures that show your feelings or things that you want to add to your life. This could be a car you want or a house you would like to live in. You could either glue them on your board or use tape.

You can also put quotes that inspire you or anything that puts you into an inspirational mood. Again, this is your board. Make it the way that makes you feel the best.

Whenever you get a new inspiration thought or idea that you want to add to your life be sure to add it to your board.  Before you know it, your board will be filing up with tons of things to motivate and inspire you.

Wrap Up

Make sure you look at your vision board for at least 5 minutes every day — and envision with all your heart what a great future you are about to have.

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Ron Johnson

What started out as something I was skeptical about has turned into a mission of mine to share what I learn about the law of attraction. My new mission is to share my research with others who are interested in this topic in the hopes that I will be able to help them understand the power of this.

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  1. HI Ron. 

    This is a great article I really enjoyed it a learned a lot about vision boards and will be making one for 2021. I am a fan of self development and this article promotes this getting the reader to think about the future and their goals, learning to visualise them to make them happen. I learnt about the law of attraction years ago by reading the book The Secret, but this vision board is amazing as you will be able to see you goals every day. 

    Great article the vision board could help people visualise and achieve their goals and be fun to make.


    1. Hi Wince,

      Thanks for your kind words. Vision boards are an awesome tool to use to set goals and keep you motivated. I use one and seem to add to it every couple days. It really has helped me move in the direction I want my life to go.

      Taks care

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