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Brainwaves And Manifestation

Brainwaves And Manifestation

In recent years, the relationship between successful manifestation and brainwaves has become a very large topic of interest.

Many people that are devoted to the law of attraction are starting to believe in the possibility of using lower frequency brainwaves in conjunction with the soul by practicing either meditation or brainwave entertainment tools.

The use of brainwave meditation is becoming an option of immediate relaxation and a tool to enter into a deep state of consciousness. 

We know that part of our success is due to our thoughts and beliefs, but won’t most people have no idea about is how oscillating electrical impulses in our brains play a huge role in our path to fulfillment. As we move along, we’ll learn what this connection between our brainwaves and manifestation means for us to be successful.


What are Brainwaves?

Let’s start out by learning what brainwaves are. Our brain is home to a very tight network of nerve cells called neurons.

These neurons communicate with each other producing an electrical voltage that generates an electrical field. These cells convey information in both electrical and chemical forms.

Think of them along the lines of creating waves of electrical pulses, like what an EEG machine does. Our thoughts and emotions get formed in an electrical field inside our brain.

So what happens is that as we have different thoughts and emotions, each one triggers different brainwaves. As an example, some brainwaves can make you feel groggy and slow, while others get you pumped up and excited.

So as you see, our brain is very much an electrical organ, and brainwaves are not physical, but rather mental.

There are five different types of brainwaves that scientists have identified. These range from low to high-frequency brainwaves.

They all have their own particular uses but we must remember that they are a source of our thoughts or experiences. This is happening within our brain due to what we think, feel, and act upon.

The Five Types of Brainwaves

  1. Gama Brainwaves (30-100Hz)

These are the fastest brainwaves we have and are linked to a higher mental activity. These brainwaves get generated when we are learning information or we are performing an action that requires a lot of focus and concentration.

  1. Beta Brainwaves (14-40Hz)

You are experiencing beta brainwaves when you are at your most alert. These brainwaves are in action when you are reading, or when at work or out socializing. When you are performing these tasks your neurons are constantly firing off.

  1. Alpha Brainwaves (8-13Hz)

As you are trying to drop into a deeper state of mind you’ll experience alpha brainwaves. As an example, when you start to get into a relaxed state you may start to visualize what your future holds this will trigger your alpha brainwaves.

  1. Theta Brainwaves (4-7.5Hz)

Experienced meditation practitioners have these brainwaves start to act when they are in deep meditation. These brainwaves occur in us when we sleep.

  1. Delta Brainwaves (0.5-4Hz)

When we are in our deepest stages of sleep, delta brainwaves start to fire off. The state of healing and rejuvenation is what delta is. It is also the path to our unconscious mind.

Training Your Brainwaves 

Accessing our different brainwave states can be accomplished by any one of us. They are controlled by our nervous system.

If you are able to train your mind to dive into a deeper meditative state, you’ll automatically get control of your brainwaves and manifestation.

And once you control your brainwaves, you’ll be able to reprogram your unconscious and subconscious mind to obtain all your dreams.

Below is an easy meditation exercise you can do to attain an alpha state and then move you into a deeper state of Delta.

Start off by preparing your mind for a meditation session. Start by getting your body into a comfortable posture. Do this by keeping your back straight and letting your shoulders soften. Now close your eyes.

You’ll notice how calm you start to breathe as your body continues to relax. Let your mind start to remove all your tension as you continue to get into a comfortable breathing rhythm.

Next, concentrate on the in and out of your chest as you breathe in and out.

If while your breathing thoughts begin to come into your head, try and push them out and continue to concentrate solely on your breathing.

As you continue to concentrate on your breathing pay attention to any feelings or emotions your experiencing. Make note of the feeling or emotion then let it go. Go back to focusing on your breathing.

By now the activity in your brain has slowed below 13 cycles per second. You’re feeling super calm now. You have reached the alpha brainwave state.

Wrap Up-Brainwaves And Manifestation

Continue with your breathing exercises. In no time at all your mind will move beyond the movement of thoughts and enter into infinity. Here is when you’ll experience the theta state.

Once in this state, you’ll become aware of all your potentials and unlock the key to a life with no limitations.

If you would like to ask us any questions you may have on this subject please feel free to contact us.


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Ron Johnson

What started out as something I was skeptical about has turned into a mission of mine to share what I learn about the law of attraction. My new mission is to share my research with others who are interested in this topic in the hopes that I will be able to help them understand the power of this.

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  1. This officially marks the most interesting article that i have read on the internet this week. I honestly find anything that has to do with the brain as something very interesting and very intense to read about. Thank you so much for this article, I had no idea that there was this much to look into in terms of brain waves, this is definitely a surprising read

    1. Hi Misael,

      It is very interesting how much our brain and thoughts actually shape real actions in our lives. The more I study this topic the more amazed I am at how everything intertwines. 

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